The ESSHC papers and sessions are organised in many networks covering specific topics.    All 27  networks and their networkchairs are listed below.





The Antiquity Network covers the economic and social history of all societies before the medieval era, but with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region in classical antiquity.



Criminal Justice


Call for Papers Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Network explores all aspects of crime, policing, justice and punishment in all societies, but with a particular focus on the early-modern and modern periods.



Culture Call for Papers

Cultural encounters: Interpreting the world


Economic History


Economic History Call for Papers

Economic history studies from myriad angles the most elementary question of all: how mankind managed to unleash an unprecedented growth of affluence, which has been a blessing for many, a hope for many more, and a challenge for future generations. We think that finding empirical data will help us understand these issues, and that applying methods and concepts from economic theory will help to observe causal relationships that deepen our understanding of the economic past.

Education and Childhood




Elites and forerunners


Elites Call for Papers

"From counter-elites to establishment to stagnation, to decline and fall."

Ethnicity and Migration


From its beginning, the ESSHC has been an important venue for migration researchers (it might be said that it is currently the most important platform). The migration and ethnicity network is not the only ESSHC network that deals with this topic. Also in many of the other networks issues related to migration are addressed. We welcome sessions which deal with movement or settlement, or both. We aim to cover a large time span (from Antiquity until today) and the whole world.


Family and demography


Family and Demography Call for Papers

This network addresses the lives of individuals, households, families and population in past societies using a variety of sources.  Our network also serves to discuss and develop historical methods, historiographies and the history of science and ideas related to family and demographic history.


Global History


The network invites submissions on all issues related to world / global history.

Health and Environment


This network addresses the basics of human wellbeing: health and human environment. Both fields are connected to (almost) all other fields of life, so presentations can address a wide range of health and environment related topics, including social, scientific, cultural, medical, economic, political or climate related aspects.



Call for papers labour network

The Labour Network encompasses all aspects of work, labour relations and labour struggle in a global and long-term perspective, including the influence of these global developments on local cases, and vice versa. Besides class, other constituent elements, such as gender, ethnicity, religion, age and nationality, are believed to be indispensable for the historical analysis of work and workers in their broadest definition.






Latin America


  • Kim Clark | University of Western Ontario, Social Science Centre, Canada
  • Paulo Drinot | Institute of the Americas, University College London, UK

The Latin America network brings together scholars working on all aspects of the region's history and of its historical relations with other parts of the world. It is open to, and indeed encourages, inter and multidisciplinary perspectives and comparative approaches to the study of one of world's most diverse and fascinating regions.

Material and Consumer Culture


Call for Papers Material and Consumer Culture   

Products, environments, circuits and people

Our focus in this network is on the production and consumption of material goods, and the systems of exchange, knowledge and meaning that link these together. We are concerned with the materiality of objects, technologies and environments, and the ways in which this creates discourses and impacts upon people and space. This is closely tied to an interest in the social and cultural frameworks within which these material objects circulate and acquire or generate meaning.


Middle Ages


Nursery of society: political and socioeconomic developments in the medieval period.

Oral History and Life Stories


Oral History and Life Stories Call for Papers

The network brings together oral historians and life stories practitioners who use oral histories to explore memory, narrative and history.


Politics, citizenship and nations



Politics, citizenship and nations  Call for Papers

The Politics, Citizenship and Nations network brings together scholars studying all aspects of the history of politics, broadly understood as both formal and informal dimensions of political activity, expression, and governance. We welcome creative, comparative and transnational contributions from all historical periods and geographical contexts, as well as more traditional and/or nation-state centered approaches and reflections on theory and methods.



  • Silvia Evangelisti | University of East Anglia, School of History, UK
  • Patrick Pasture | Leuven University, History, Belgium

Religion Call for Papers

As religions and spiritualities have inspired and motivated the lives and acting of millions everywhere on this planet, and continue to do so, this network discusses all forms of spiritual beliefs and behaviour as well as practices inspired by ideologies explicitly acting against expressions of religious or spiritual engagement.




  • Dulce Freire | University of Lison, Institute of Social Sciences, Portugal
  • Tim Soens | University of Antwerp, Belgium

Rural History embraces economic, social, ecological, geographical, demographical, cultural and political approaches to the rural. World food needs, rural heritage, management of natural resources are all relevant topics of rural history for us as are productivity change in agriculture or transfer of property and rural organization. We believe that the use of comparisons between periods and regions can strengthen our discipline. Finally we want to be a forum where new sources and methods for the many branches of rural history can be tested and discussed. 

Science & Technology


The network studies technology and technological networks and their interactions with social and economic change



Sexuality Call for Papers

The Sexuality Network brings together scholars who study the history of human sexuality in its countless varieties.

Social Inequality


The Social Inequality network deals with patterns and processes of social inequality, its causes and consequences globally. Any topic within this realm is welcome: e.g. charity, mutual aid, philanthropy, welfare, social stratification, income differences, segregation, and mobility.

Spatial and digital history


Spatial and digital history Call for Papers

This network is concerned with using digital technologies to study the past. It has a particular emphasis on the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial History but all IT-based approaches are welcome. The network welcomes papers that are concerned with digital sources, methodologies and applied scholarship. 


Theory and Historiography




Women and gender


The Women and Gender network is one of the lagest networks of the ESSHC.
It addresses gender as a historically and culturally variable category that is constitutive of classifying and interpreting the social world, of organizing social and power relations, of producing knowledge (such as historical knowledge), and of shaping experiences of women and men in the past. The network is welcoming research that is crossing epochs, regions, and disciplines. A specific theme is chosen for every conference.